Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reflecting on my Full Moon Dreamboard


This board reflects my journey inward to find a way to live outward in the world. Huh? I want to live in the world in a deeply connected way. This year I have been trying to figure out what it means to live in a way to be deeply connected with myself.

I want to speak my truth. To feel confident in that truth. To call my true self out and set her free. I recently had a dream that I think reflected that I am finally saving the younger girl who is still inside me. Saving her from having to please others, from living other peoples' truths, from ridicule and fear. This is huge for me. I have been working to find that younger self, care for her, protect her, and to set her free. I feel proud of the work I have done for myself.

I also see peace and stillness. I have sought to connect to something bigger than myself. To spirit. To god. I have come to understand that value of getting still and listening. I feel blessed to have discovered this. It is a gift I can give to myself.

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