Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wishcasting -- 3/10

What do you wish to say no to?


I want to say no to doubt and fear. Nothing good happens when these occupy my heart. This is true in lots of ways. It keeps me sitting on the couch and not trying a new restaurant. It stops me from reaching out to others. It keeps me from seeing new and creative solutions. 

I also want to say no to boundaries that make me uncomfortable. I am a complicated relationship with my mother. I often don't say anything when she is making me angry, uncomfortable, or upset. I work really really hard to not rock the boat. I know that this is true because of the consequences in the past. However, I feel like I want to move forward with my life and that means speaking up and protecting myself. 

One more thing, I want to say no to negative self talk. I want to say no to all the voices that say I am not good enough, that I am too much, that I am no good, etc.