Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wishcasting -- 4/21

What do you wish to dare?

I am daring to uncover my creativity. I am writing more and exploring photography. I have always been creative, a kid who got lost in books, stories, and play. But my creativity went underground. It was something that put me in competition with someone and that was terrible. It was also something that I never felt I owned for myself and so never felt proud of it. I never inhabited my creativity. But I have come to understand that it is an essential part of me. If I can get passed my gremlins who say that it is not good enough, other people are better, that people will judge and laugh at me, etc. If I can get passed my anxiety, I can create beautiful and meaningful things.

I am someone who gets lost in my head and in ideas. The danger with this is that sometimes, I never take action. Change demands action. So, in order to uncover my creativity, to excavate it from my depths I am taking action. I am writing everyday at least 5 minutes. I am taking pictures when I walk the dog. I am also talking back to my gremlins.

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