Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Dream Board

My February Dream Board

What stands out first to me is that I put "let your story unfold..." on my last Dreamboard as well. What does that mean? I think I feel like I have a story that is worth telling. That my truth is bubbling to the story wanting to be set free.

The other things that stand out for me is the wish for magic/goddess and the desire to feed/care for myself. I want magic in my life, I want to know the spirit, I want to be inspired. I also want to learn how to care for myself in a gentle and healthy way. I want to make friends with food and with my body. 

My birthday is coming up and I am aware that I will be a year older. I don't remember this awareness in past years. I am aware that my body is a victim of how I treat it and that it will not forgive my sins forever. I struggle to sustain healthy choices. I feel more connected to my physical self and to my morality than ever before. I hope this awareness can help me to move into caring for myself in new ways.


  1. I like your dreamboard. I too find myself wanting to protect my body as I get older. I like the big pear on your board which says to me that you are keen on adding goodness rather than denying yourself things.

  2. There's a lovingness that's stirring here. Nourishing your beautiful self, connecting to magic and spirit and letting your story free - what a powerful invitation from your dreams.

  3. I love what your dreamboard is choosing to reveal to you this time around... and how it is reminding you of your stories. Perhaps it is inviting you to embrace the story that you are enough in this moment, and that the love and care you give your body's journey begins now... many blessings to you as you continue to share your story of trust, self-love, and resilience!